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♥ A post for my beloved friend Dan, who adores her Kindle ♥

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I am in love with my Kindle.

Madly crazy desperately in love with it.

It has made reading a pleasure again – it’s light to hold, it doesn’t cause eyestrain and it has an adjustable font that accommodates my rubbish vision.  Since it arrived last week, I’ve read a book a day.

Only certain models are available for shipping to Australia (we purchased the basic black and white version) and due to some convoluted geographical copyright restrictions, there are limits on the books available to non-US readers. That’s an important consideration if you only want to read new releases or certain genres, although there are nearly a million books now available to Australian customers.

The first book I read was A Passion for Living by Alexander Stobbs.  Here’s the cover photo on the Kindle…

Unlike computers and iPads, the screen isn’t backlit and as a result, it’s glare-free and gentle on the eyes.  However, this means the Kindle can’t be read in the dark, as it doesn’t have an independent light source.

I’ve set the font to the fourth of eight size options, which I find comfortable for extended reading. I’ve been very shortsighted since the age of eleven, but my focal length has narrowed since turning 40, and I now find the print in most paperbacks too small for easy reading.

As you can see in the next couple of photos, the Kindle font is crisp and clear…

On both sides of the device there are two buttons – the large one to scroll forward a page, and the small one to go back.  The Kindle is light enough to be held in either hand and operated with the press of a thumb…

There are only a few buttons – it’s an easy device to learn to operate…

According to Amazon, the battery will last up to a month on a single recharge, providing the Wi-Fi is turned off when not in use. That’s based on half an hour a day, so I’m assuming it equates to a rechargeable battery life of about 15 hours.

We believe our model requires a Wi-Fi connection to work (please let me know if that’s not the case).  Once the books are downloaded though, they’re on the Kindle in toto, and can be read offline.

There are a variety of random static screen savers…

Our 6″ (15cm) Kindle fits perfectly in a paella rice bag, which saved us the cost of an expensive case…

Our model can hold up to 1,400 books and weighs just 170 grams. An e-book or sample takes under a minute to download and is perhaps just a little too easy to purchase with Amazon’s 1-Click system.

Do you own a Kindle?  I know we’re late adopters, but we’re total converts now!

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