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Curly parsley, which is often so elusive at the markets, was out in force last week and I picked up an enormous bunch for just $3.   I was inspired to make this parsley soup – a recipe from Rick Stein’s Food Heroes programme.  It helped satisfy my current craving for green, brought on by all the tales of nettle soup I’ve been reading recently!

The recipe is easy – boil leeks, potatoes and a bunch of parsley in chicken stock until tender, then add a large amount of chopped parsley leaves at the end (to keep the colour).  Warm through and puree until smooth.  You can finish this soup with a little cream, although I found it didn’t need it – it’s rich and thick from the potatoes.

. . . . .

I absolutely adore Brussels sprouts (which I’ve recently learnt are correctly spelt Brussels rather than Brussel).  None of my three men will go near them, although I keep trying.  I love them cut in half and stir-fried in oyster sauce.

. . . . .

And lastly, these gorgeous garlic chives were at the markets as well – their aroma was so potent that I couldn’t resist them.  They were too strongly flavoured for pesto, but perfect in fried rice.

It’s lovely to have some green in the kitchen during these cold winter months!

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