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Debra of Bagni di Lucca and Beyond asked me recently how our chickens were travelling…

All six of our lovely ladies are very well – they’ve had two bed rotations since the previous post and are really enjoying their new position, which offers more shade than the previous spots.   Since the heatwave a month or so ago, they’ve been laying an average of five eggs a day, although today they delighted us with a full complement of six before lunchtime!  I rewarded them with leftover roast pork (free range of course, nothing but the best for our hardworking girls).

As a point of interest – the large egg at the front left was laid by Queenie, and the little dark speckled one to the right of it by Francesca.  Queenie continues to dominate the others, and always has first dibs at the higher protein food that goes into the enclosure, be it meat scraps or a wandering lizard.   Frannie on the other hand is the baby of the flock, and her delicate eggs reflect both her size and darker colouring.

I took the following video while we were making pickles – some of Di’s cucumbers were very large, so I removed the seeds prior to processing.  The chooks adore them, and I adore not having to throw them out!

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