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We tried growing garlic this year – not always an easy thing to do in Sydney, as we usually don’t get cold enough to set the bulbs.

We had planned to leave the plants in a bit longer, but the recent heavy rain necessitated some urgent harvesting before they rotted away. Once the leaves start to wilt, it’s best to keep all water off it from that time onwards.

Our garlic was planted in an old laundry tub and the resultant bulbs are pretty small – some are only a couple of centimetres (about an inch) in diameter.  But they have the most amazing aroma!  These now need to be cured (air dried in a shady spot) for two to four weeks – hopefully they’ll form hard papery skins and store well for the coming months.

A couple of the bulbs were threatening to rot, so we’ve broken them up for cooking.  We were delighted to find they’d formed proper cloves. The garlic was wonderfully pungent and strongly flavoured – definitely an incentive to try planting these again next year.  Our “crop” won’t be enough to see us through the year, so we’ll stock up again on Diana and Ian’s garlic once it’s ready.  It’s fabulous not to have to buy imported garlic!

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