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Giving Thanks

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It’s been one of those weeks.

Small Man has a bad bout of the flu, I’m teetering on the edge of getting it and I’m exhausted from getting up at night and fretting over him.

It’s at times like these that I need to take stock and remember how blessed my life really is.  So as an exercise, I tried to find five things – mundane, ordinary everyday things – to give thanks for.  Here’s what I came up with…

1. I’m giving thanks for hot water. And water pressure, so I can have a hot shower.  I have a brother-in-law who had never had a hot shower before moving to Australia and he used to lived in a place where it snowed.  In a world where so many people struggle to have water to drink, how blessed are we to have enough water to indulge in a ten minute hot shower?

2. I’m giving thanks for being able to drink milk. I’m Asian, so who knows how long it will be before I’m lactose-intolerant, but for now, dairy is freely available to me and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

3. I’m giving thanks for living in the 21st century. I constantly feel like I’m in the world of the Jetsons, or Star Trek, where doors open by themselves, machines are operated with touchscreens and a robot vacuums my floor.  I have a tiny phone that I carry in my handbag and a camera that’s not much bigger. I once taught my friend Dan to bake bread over skype – for free – watching her knead the dough in her kitchen in California from my living room in Sydney.  The speed at which technology is changing astounds me, and I feel privileged to be living at this time in human history.

4. I’m giving thanks for my herb garden. It’s located just outside my kitchen door, and I go out most evenings to harvest herbs for our evening meal.  The ritual is as comforting as the actual eating.

5. I’m giving thanks for socks. Oh, how I love socks.  I get desperately cold feet. Socks, particularly the ones I make from polarfleece, keep me from going crazy in winter.  It’s not cold yet, but I’m getting my socks ready, in anticipation!

Can you find five things to give thanks for today?  Not the biggies, like health and family, but the little ones you might never have considered before?  If so, I hope you’ll share them with us!

PS. One non-mundane and non-ordinary thing that I’m giving thanks for today is discovering Peter Bryenton’s photo blogs.  His exquisite photo above is just one of many taken with a conventional camera, or more recently with his iPhone. If you’re interested, the best place to start perusing is here.

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