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I bought myself an iPod Touch for Christmas and am completely besotted with it. It makes me feel like I live in the future. When I was a little girl, I remember watching the original Star Trek series and thinking how wonderful it would be if doors really could open by themselves. Now I have an eight gigabyte micro-computer in my pocket, which allows me to do everything from reading novels without ever turning a page, to playing seriously cool touchscreen games, to listening to music and watching movies.

Our favourite application (“app”) is Star Walk.  It cost $5.99 and provides us with an interactive star chart of wherever we are, enables us to watch the movement of objects through the sky with a “time machine” function (which also plots the phases of the moon), allows us to zoom in on stars, constellations, Messier objects and planets, while providing details on them in a Star Wars style pop-up menu, and much more. With it, we’ve been able to figure out when objects will be visible in the night sky and plan our skywatching accordingly.  And it’s very user friendly – Small Man recently announced that he’d calculated (sic) when the next full moon would be. Here’s a YouTube clip of the app in action:

. . . . .

iPod Touch – $329

Star Walk App – $5.99

Feeling like Captain Janeway on the Starship Voyager?


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