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I’ve known for years that our Italian neighbours play a lot of cards, but I didn’t realise until recently how different their deck was.  In the interest of expanding my brain, I purchased a pack recently, and was charmed by how beautiful the cards are.  They make our standard poker deck look quite boring.  Now, we just need to figure out how to actually play a game

Each deck has 40 cards, made up of four suits – cups, coins, swords and clubs.  There are three face cards in each suit (King, Queen and Knight), and seven number cards (click on the photos below for a clearer image).

fc 043

I particularly love the Queens, in their “don’t mess with me” stances. (Don’t mess with me or I’ll smack you with my club..)

fc 045

I never knew there were so many varieties of playing cards! Wikipedia has more information, including photos of decks from Central Europe and Spain, which are very different again.

So…does anyone play Scopa or Briscola at home?

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