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On a whim, I picked up a discounted tray of lamb offcuts at the Italian butchers this morning.  At $1.41, they looked like nothing more than fat, bone and gristle, but there was a thin promise of pink meat in the middle of each piece.  I suspect they were lamb breast offcuts, but the labelling was fairly nondescript.

I trimmed the meat out of the fat and sinew, and ended up with 275g of usable lamb…

….which was marinated in a mix of homemade yoghurt, olive oil, salt and some Chermoula spice mix, and threaded onto skewers…

…then cooked on a hot griddle pan and served with creamy mash potatoes, Roma tomatoes and homemade harissa.  We ended up with nine sticks – enough to feed all four of us for lunch!

This was quite time consuming, and I probably wouldn’t do it again, but it’s nice to know that it’s possible to turn $1.41 worth of meat into a decent feed!

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