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We only have moments in which to live.

The future is a concept …very useful concept, I’m not putting it down.  The past…memory…is also a concept.

But the only time in which our lives are unfolding is now.  And “now” has some very, very interesting properties.  And if we learn to inhabit “now” more, with awareness, it’s almost as if the universe becomes our teacher.

Jon Kabut-Zinn
from his Mindfulness lecture at Google

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When life is stressful and chaotic, I find meditation and mindfulness practice a useful tool for bringing order and calm back into my world.

There is so much wonder and joy to be had in the present, but sometimes stuff happens and it can be difficult to hold on to a positive outlook. Every day brings its own challenges, and past and future worries can rattle my sense of well-being and self.  At those times, I find Jon Kabut-Zinn’s breathing meditation exercises incredibly helpful.  They’re non-religious, non-psychedelic and a great life skill to practice and hone for when things get really hairy.  Big Boy told me recently that if it wasn’t for meditation he would never have made it through his final exams – he was so wound up studying that meditating before bed was the only way he could get to sleep.

If you’d like to know more, you might be interested in this mindfulness lecture posted on YouTube. Grab a cup of tea, it goes for over an hour!

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