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At the markets last Friday, Jimmy the Tomato Man made me buy a box of yellow capsicums.  The conversation went like this..

“How much are the capsicums, Jimmy?”

“$14 a box, but for you, $10..”


“No, you’re such a lovely customer, for you, $8. Now you have to buy it, or I’ll be insulted, no-one else gets such a good price from me..” (as he puts the box in our trolley and I meekly hand over the money).

After making a roasted pepper hot sauce, I wanted to use the remaining capsicums to make caponatina – a dish our elderly Italian neighbour used to prepare.  It’s basically a combination of chopped vegetables – in this case, capsicums, eggplants, tomatoes and onions – pan-fried in olive oil and seasoned with garlic, chillies and anchovies.  I grilled (broiled)  the fingers of eggplant before adding them to the pan, to reduce their sponginess and the amount of oil they absorbed.  The caponatina was then finished with a generous amount of white wine vinegar, a splash of Moo’s aged balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.

Caponatina is usually served cold as an antipasto dish, and giving it time to rest in the fridge allows the flavours to meld.  Traditional recipes have far more liquid, including tomato sauce and lots of oil, but this lighter version is a nice accompaniment to hot and cold meats – we had ours with sausages!


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