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Sometimes I come across a recipe which is just so simple and so perfect that I have to run straight into the kitchen to try it out.

Last week, this happened twice!

First was Emily’s delicious Wholegrain Double Apple Breakfast Cake.  This one demanded immediate action –  I was literally pulling the cake out of the oven within an hour and a half of reading the recipe.  The batter was baked in a lined roasting pan and Em’s instructions were dead simple (mix the wet stuff together, then add the dry).  Best of all, it gave me an opportunity to use up some of the apple butter that we’d made a couple of years ago.

The combination of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and yoghurt caused the batter to honeycomb, giving the finished cake a spongy texture somewhere between a thick pancake and an apple Danish.

Oh, how my boys loved this one!  Big Boy took a giant slab to uni for lunch, and I caught Pete nibbling on it all the next day.  The recipe and instructions are here, and I substituted apple butter for the applesauce, and plain (AP) flour for the sorghum and wholemeal. Emily suggested that any leftovers would make a great bread and butter pudding!

. . . . .

The second thing that had me charging into the kitchen was this gorgeous shortbread recipe by Dan Lepard.  I’ve been calling them Alice in Wonderland cookies, and they were great fun to make, albeit a little fiddly.

I made the two doughs in the food processor, but ended up making the stripes thinner than Dan recommended, which made them a little harder to work.  Most of them turned out quite well…

…but I did end up with a couple of “Picasso” cookies…

My darling friend Joanna has done a much neater job with them here.

Thanks to Dan and Emily for such great recipes.  I’ll definitely be making both of them again soon!

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