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Our friend Moo was in Proserpine, Queensland recently.

Whilst there, he and a friend purchased a  $12 palm tree from the local Woolworths, and were delighted to find this tiny frog hiding in amongst the leaves.  It was really very small, and not the least bit perturbed by the human company…

Moo, who is a marine biologist but not a herpetologist, believes this is a small dainty tree frog, camouflaged to its surroundings.  Frogs can be notoriously difficult to identify, so if there are any herpetologists out there, please let us know if that’s not right.

And in case you’re wondering…Moo and his friend released this little guy into the lush verge surrounding the Woolies carpark.

Live long and prosper, tiny green tree frog!

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