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Being in lockdown has been a difficult time for everybody, but it’s also given us an opportunity to reconnect at a deeper level with our wonderful neighbours.

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing a weekend neighbourhood bake and I’m keen to keep it up, even though we’re all starting to get busy again. Each family only gets a small portion, as there are so many people to share with, but it’s a lovely excuse to check in with my neighbours on a Saturday morning to see how everyone is travelling.

Last weekend I baked chocolate chip cookies in a slab. These are the lazy version of Pete’s favourite and boast a wicked 3:2 chocolate to flour ratio. I wrap each cookie square individually, as the oozy chocolate makes quite a mess. It helps to have a mountain of rescued-from-landfill food safe paper from Reverse Garbage

Each packet contained just four cookies, but I’ve learnt that a token of affection doesn’t need to be huge. On the contrary, I’m always happier to give something small – that way no-one feels like they need to reciprocate. There was enough to share with eight households, plus extra for Pete and Small Man. Happy days! ❤️


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World Peace Cookies

It’s been a crazy, tumultuous couple of weeks, so last weekend, I baked a batch of World Peace Cookies.

Actually, I baked a quadruple batch, wrapped them in bundles of six, and shared them with all my neighbours.

For the most part, they brought peace and harmony, but my three year old neighbour Eli tore the house down when told he was only allowed to have two cookies. His mother didn’t back down though – World Peace doesn’t come from giving in to temper tantrums. If you haven’t tried this recipe, do give it a go! It doesn’t need eggs, but you do need to use the best chocolate and cocoa you can find. ♥

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My friend Grace is now 8 years old. I’ve known her since she was born.

When her family would come over for dinner (back when folks still did that), we’d often talk about “craft”. Only we’d pronounce it “cwaft”.

“Why do we say cwaft?” Grace asked the last time she was here.

“Well…” I said, slightly hesitantly..”when you were very little, you couldn’t pronounce ‘craft’ and also you never let anyone throw anything out. You insisted on saving everything for ‘cwaft’”. (The pink wig I bought for her when she was three is a good example. As strands of pink fibre fell off, Grace would carefully save each one and set it aside. For cwaft.)

My young friend looked me straight in the eye and said nothing. Then she went home and made this box.

Her mother Bethany sent me a photo and informed me that we’d been spelling it incorrectly all this time.

We can’t decide if Grace genuinely believes that’s how it’s spelt, or if she’s displaying incredibly sophisticated and subtle sarcasm well beyond her years. Knowing her, the latter is a definite possibility.

I adore her and am terrified of her in equal measures. What’s she going to be like at 16? ♥

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Mother’s Day

♥ Happy Mother’s Day! ♥

When I blogged about my vintage postcards a few weeks ago, lovely Lorna dug this one up and sent me a photo of it. It was part of her grandmother’s collection and probably dates back to the early 1900s.

When I showed it to my neighbour Ben, he said “That sums up the home schooling experience in many households right now!” Yes, it really does…

To all the incredibly patient, stoic mothers, particularly those with many balls up in the air at the moment – I hope you get to put your feet up and rest today.

♥ Happy Mother’s Day! ♥

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May I talk about scissors?

Good scissors are IMPORTANT. Crappy scissors cause injuries and induce RAGE. I’ve owned these three pairs for over twenty years now and the only rage I’ve suffered has been when someone used my FABRIC scissors to cut paper. And plastic. Let’s not go there.

I complained to my young fashion designer friend Luca about it, and he sent me this in return…

When I found out that my adorable, craft-loving daughter-in-law didn’t have decent scissors, I immediately ordered her two pairs of Mundials – an 8” fabric pair and a pair of barbers scissors (like the ones on the left above) which I use for fine paper cutting.

The pointy ones arrived without a guard, so I whipped one up from a scrap of leather for her. Then I made guards for my three pairs as well.

The Chinese have a cute superstition – if you give someone something sharp like scissors or knives, the recipient has to give you a coin in return. If they don’t, it’s believed that your relationship could be “cut”. I extracted two gold coins from Monkey Girl just to be safe – I don’t believe the superstition, but it’s hardly worth taking the risk with a new daughter-in-law!

Do you have good scissors? I love my scissors. I even like saying “scissors”. Hmm. I’ll stop now. ♥

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