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Breadmaking is a wonderfully therapeutic process.

Life has been crazy busy lately, but my weekly Saturday breadmaking always affords me a little downtime.

I’ve been baking bread at home for over four years now, and the routine has become both comforting and easy. And since we don’t buy bread (with the exception of Lebanese pita bread), I have no choice but to bake at least once a week, often more.

I fed my starter up on Friday night, spent twenty minutes making the dough the following morning, then another twenty minutes or so shaping the dough after lunch.  The sourdough process takes a long time, but very little hands on involvement is required on my part.  Yeasted breads are even faster!

As the new school year is about to start, I baked a large  (90cm/36″) tray of sourdough focaccia for Small Man.  He takes a substantial slice for lunch each day, spread with Vegemite…

I also knocked up a very large batch of sourdough (half spelt, half bakers’ flour). The finished dough weight was 2700g (nearly 6lb), and it became two pointy-eared epi…

…six oversized lunch rolls…

and three baguettes.

If you’ve never made bread before and would like to give it a go, you might find this basic tutorial useful.  But be warned, breadmaking is addictive!

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