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The ever cheerful Han the Delivery Man brought me a parcel today.  We had a funny moment – the package was addressed to “Celia and her band of Merry Men” – and Han wanted to know all about my musical group and where we performed.   He was almost disappointed to find out that it was just Moo’s quirky sense of humour.

Our generous friend had sent us a couple of bottles of vintage Mazzetti Balsamic vinegar – the top shelf “Four Leaves” stuff, as opposed to the “One Leaf” bottle we use for day to day cooking. This rich, syrupy Balsamic  came with a recipe for oven-roasted tomatoes with sage, but I can also see us eating a lot of aged Italian cheese with it.  It will have its inaugural tasting with a loaf of sourdough epi, some good extra virgin olive oil and a slab of Parmesan.  Many thanks, Moo!

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