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Pete and I had lunch today in a cheap and cheerful Burmese restaurant in the Sydney suburb of Strathfield.

We’ve eaten there before, and whilst it’s not Pete’s favourite, I love the completely different flavours we get to try whenever we go.  Today we had the Laphet Thote (Pickled Tea Leaf and Fried Bean Salad).  There weren’t many tea leaves in the mix, but then again, the whole plate you see above cost a tiny $5.50.  I liked it so much that I brought a serve home for dinner.

The salad had a fantastic texture, with rich, slightly smokey flavours from the fried garlic, peanuts, crunchy legumes and roasted sesame seeds.  The tea leaves were slightly bitter (which put Pete off), but the addition of sliced cabbage, chillis  and tomatoes kept the salad balanced.

We also had a Chin Paung (Sour Leaf Salad) and a Beef Curry, accompanied by two large plates of rice.   The curry was unremarkable, but the salad was deliciously different.  Lunch cost $22 for both of us – a tiny price to pay for what felt like an afternoon sojourn to Myanmar.

Bagan Burmese Restaurant
Shop 4/41 The Boulevarde
Strathfield   NSW  2135
Tel : 02 8746 0666

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