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Our sweet friend Moo sent us yet another surprise package in the mail – a bottle of Calvi Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva.  Cold pressed and unfiltered, this Italian extra virgin olive oil arrived wrapped in green foil to protect it from the light.  It has a well-rounded, fruity flavour with an appealing, slightly bitter note to it (which I think comes from the olive pips).

Since it arrived yesterday, we’ve used it in every meal except breakfast – as a bread dipper, to dress up a green salad, and as a gourmet addition to Friday night splats.

It seems to be the perfect match for our homemade dukkah, and combined with vintage balsamic vinegar (also a gift from Moo), it makes a wonderful accompaniment to our sourdough bread.

Thanks again, Moo, you really are too kind!


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