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Remember how excited I was a few months ago when Joanna sent me some Willie’s Cacao?  The 180g blocks were enormous fun to play with, but at £6 each, plus £4 freight (A$16.50 in total), they really were too expensive for day to day use.

I was pretty chuffed when my foodie friend Sharyn (known affectionately at Chefs’ Warehouse as “Shazza”) put me on to the Callebaut equivalent.  This pure, unsweetened 100% cacao from Belgium costs $22/kg, comes in versatile callets, and provides a far more affordable option for experimenting with!

Apart from all the US recipes that call for “unsweetened chocolate”, there’s also an emerging food trend to add cacao to savoury dishes.  Last weekend, I tried it in a mushroom risotto with surprisingly delicious results – watch out for more posts on this in the future.

Fellow Sydneysiders, Chef’s Warehouse can order this product in for you on request – it’s known as Callebaut Cocoa Mass, and is available in 2.5kg bags.

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