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Gillian at Some Say Cocoa – my virtual chocolate fix – blogged about ginger chocolate recently. I’m so suggestible (don’t you love that word? Alex taught it to me..), that I had to go straight out and buy ginger from the supermarket to make  my own.

Buderim Ginger make some of the finest in the world, and this is one of their newer products – a glace ginger without the added sugar coating.  It’s still sweet, but without being overly so, and a little too easy to eat straight from the packet.



I dipped a few pieces at a time into a small bowl of tempered dark chocolate, which was resting on a heat mat to keep it at  88°C.  The chocolate was a mix of Callebaut 54% and 70%, to counter the sweetness of the ginger.



Perhaps the best thing about making ginger chocolate is that not everyone likes it.  All the more for those of us who do!

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