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“I’ve got an idea”, said Pete, “let’s go buy junk food!”

I know it’s a strange thing to say, but we were headed to Leichhardt Market Town and we thought it might be fun. Something different – an “end of school holidays” treat, as it were.

But…we just couldn’t do it. We really tried. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to buy anything from the takeaway food court, or lollies or biscuits from the supermarket. I did manage to pick up a packet of Kettle Chips, but only because I have a shocking weakness for crisps.

On the way back to the car, we passed the Wendy’s Donuts stand.

“What about doughnuts?”, I asked.

“Oh, I love those.  Will you make some for me when we get home?”

Sigh.  How could I refuse?

I wrote a tutorial on making these several years ago (the recipe and instructions are here). This is the first time we’ve made them with our homegrown eggs, and the centres were a gorgeous golden yellow.  Half the balls were filled with Pete’s jams, the others were left plain and simply tossed in castor sugar.

Pete ate TWELVE, and then told me he felt a bit sick.

Homemade junk food, indeed.

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