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We spent time at the Chinatown Night Market yesterday, revelling in the hustle and bustle of the evening.  The weather was pleasantly mild and everyone seemed to be in an optimistic, “first day of the new decade” mood, particularly this elderly gentleman hula hooping on stilts.

There were lots of food stalls, selling all sorts of delicious things to eat…

…and some interesting wares for sale!

These gorgeous boxes each contain a single hand-tied tea flower….

….which blossoms in boiling water to create jasmine tea.

The highlight of the evening was watching Master Au create his dragon beard candy – a famous Chinese sweet which, until 1911, was eaten exclusively by the emperors of China.  There are very few artisans left who possess this skill, and it was almost hypnotic to watch him in action, turning a wheel of hard candy into hundreds of white strands, which he then wrapped around a peanut and sesame filling.

I’d made some well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions about eating sensibly – what better way to ring in the new decade than by breaking these in a  truly spectacular fashion!

. . . . .

Sydney Chinatown Night Market
Dixon Street Mall
Chinatown, Sydney NSW 2000
Open every Friday, 4pm – 11pm


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