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This is so simple that I’m a bit embarrassed to be blogging about it!

After watching Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory – a television series about Willie Harcourt-Cooze and his attempt to establish his line of chocolate in the UK – I was inspired to try my own version of his chocolate shot recipe.

The beverage he prepared appeared to be nothing more than 100% cacao chocolate dissolved in boiling water.  As we can’t get 100% here in Australia, I tried using my Callebaut 70% callets.  What I ended up with is a deliciously dark hot chocolate – reminiscent in some ways of an espresso coffee.  It’s won Pete the non-coffee drinker over, and is certainly a nice way to get your daily chocolate antioxidants!

It’s dead simple to prepare, simply dissolve 40g of dark chocolate in two-thirds of a cup of boiling water (this makes enough for two espresso sized cups).  You’ll need a little whizzer to mix it all together – the Callebaut callets melt away easily. If you don’t have one, try using a small whisk, or dissolving the chocolate and water together in a saucepan over a low heat.  Simply stirring with a spoon doesn’t seem to work, as you end up with sludge at the bottom of the cup.

I’ve also tried this with 85% Lindt, but found it too sour for my liking.  It’s an interesting way to compare pure chocolate flavours!

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