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Waste Not Want Not Duck Stock

As I’ve mentioned before, our boys adore duck meat, so we cook it quite often.

Instead of buying a whole duck these days, I purchase free range Thirlmere duck marylands (thigh and drumstick portion) from Haverick Meats

Each packet contains four or five pieces. I rub these with a little salt and pepper, then place them in our Emile Henry brasier and roast them for about an hour and a half, until the skin is crispy, the meat is cooked, and the fat has rendered off.

The fat and meat stock are poured into a bowl, allowed to set in the fridge, and then stashed in the freezer for later use. I strip all the meat from the bones and use it in a ragu or curry – the duck is so rich that there is always ample for at least a couple of dinners.

Last week, instead of discarding the skin and bones as I normally would, I decided to boil them up for stock. I didn’t actually think I’d get a lot more out of them, but I figured it was worth a try. I added a litre of water to the brasier, along with half a carrot, some celery, an onion and a couple of bay leaves. The pot was left simmering on the stove for a couple of hours, until it had reduced down to about a cup and a half of liquid…

After resting in the fridge overnight, the liquid set to a solid, incredibly flavoursome, gelatinous stock.  I de-fatted it, then popped it into a container in the freezer.  It will make a wonderful addition to a paella or pasta sauce.  Pete suggested we could cut it into little cubes and make fancy canapés…

I’m really happy with this – the jellied stock is so rich that just a little bit will make a difference to future dishes. It’s astonishing how much flavour was left in bones and skin that would normally have been discarded!

Lesson learnt – always look twice at something before throwing it away!

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