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I had coffee today with the gorgeous Spice Girl, who was in my neck of the woods for a meeting.

As we were leaving, she handed me not only a large bag of the most unusual Turkish Delight I’ve ever tried, but also a complete meal – purchased from Janani, a well known Sri Lankan restaurant in Homebush.  What you see above is only a tiny portion of what she gave me – there was enough for dinner for two, lunch for me tomorrow and I was able to send a small tasting plate to both Pete D and Maude.

The interesting noodley things at the bottom of the photo are string hoppers, a traditional Sri Lankan pancake, made from red rice flour.  Each one is a flat disc, constructed from a swirl of noodles.  These were accompanied by the yellow curry – a sour, mildly spicy soup with tomato, onion and potato pieces.


Of course, the Spice Girl, my Convergent Other, also bought my all time favourite dish from Janani – the eggplant curry.   I absolutely adore this, and have been known to make Pete drive to Homebush just to buy me a small serve  (they also do a mean lime rice, if you ever get there).


I’m feeling very blessed to have such generous friends – thanks again for thinking of me, Spice Girl!

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