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You know that old adage about Asians being unable to pass up a bargain?

It’s true.

When my gorgeous mother found these avocados at her local fruit market for 9c each, she just couldn’t resist.  The store had a limit of thirty avos per person, so mum dragged my dad to the fruit shop with her, and they bought sixty between them.  For $5.40.

Of course, my parents were never going to be able to eat sixty avocadoes, so yesterday they arrived with bags full, and announced that thirty were for me and twelve were for Maude.  I felt it would have been ungrateful of me to point out that they were all going to ripen at the same time.

Moments like this always remind me how wonderful my family really is.  Apart from being incredibly supportive, they’re also quirky and great fun.  Let me give you an example. Last week at dinner, I inadvertently called my mother a goose.  The sentence, “no, you goose, it’s not like that at all”, came out of my mouth before my frontal lobe had time to censor it.  I smsed my sister to bid her farewell, as I am now dead, and she replied with, “I’ve lit a candle for you..”

Anyway, I digress.  The purpose of this post is to ask for your help!  What do I do with thirty avocados?  They’re not ripe yet, but the first ones will be ready in the next day or so.  They’re not recommended for chickens, and there’s only so many we can eat on toast every morning.  I’d be grateful for any suggestions you might have, particularly on how to preserve them (I really do think  most of them are going to ripen at the same time!).

Aahh…families…where would we be without them?  I hope you’ll share stories about your families too – we’d love to hear them!

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