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A quick headsup for our fellow Sydney-siders…the cheapest place we’ve found to buy frozen berries is Manly Freezers in Balgowlah.

When we popped in today, they had Chilean raspberries for $9.50/kg, Australian blueberries for $17/2kg and New Zealand boysenberries, pictured above, for just $7.50/kg.   The warehouse has a  retail shopfront, filled with freezers packed with mostly pre-prepared foods – we tend to only buy from the small cabinet filled with frozen fruit.  They also had strawberries, mango cheeks and more.  Make sure you take an esky!

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Manly Freezers Pty Limited
60 Balgowlah Rd
Balgowlah   NSW   2093
Tel: 02 9949 8822

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