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Hot Cross Bun (just one)
Hot Cross Bun (just one)
One a penny, one a penny
Hot Cross Bun (just one)

My friend Dot made 288 hot cross buns this Easter.

Maude’s made at least 100.

The Spice Girl told me yesterday that she’s been baking two to three dozen a couple of times a week.  And all my UK baking friends have been at it with gusto.

Penny and Alex have both made them, using my recipe from last year.

It seems the only person who hasn’t been madly baking hot cross buns is moi. And it’s not because I don’t love them, but rather that life has been a little hectic, and this year I simply ran out of oomph.

So yesterday, being Easter Sunday, I decided to make one.  Just one. But it was a BIG hot cross bun, baked in an 18cm (7″) square cake tin.

I used my tried and tested bun recipe (the original post is here) and instead of shaping the risen dough into a dozen small rolls, I made one giant ball and let it rise in a parchment lined cake tin.  As it was quite warm in my kitchen yesterday, the dough took only half an hour to double in size, before being piped with a large cross and baked at 200C for 15 minutes, followed by an additional 15 minutes at 175C.

I coated the finished “big bun” with a milk glaze (part of the original recipe) and allowed it to cool before slicing and serving with tea.

Hot Cross Bun (just one)…Hot Cross Bun (just one)…

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