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In hindsight, my first attempt at poppy seed beigli was a little sad.  Not really knowing what I was doing, I used a tinned poppy seed filling which, as June gently scolded, was spread too thin. (Actually, I think the word she used was “stingy”, but in the nicest possible way).


Yesterday, determined to try again, I dug out my beautiful new spice grinder, bought from Herbie’s Spices with my birthday money, and proceeded to grind the poppy seeds required to make the filling from scratch.  I followed the recipe I’d posted earlier, but doubled the amount of filling (I’d hate to be thought of as stingy!).  Poor June – I rang her frantically at 8.15am to ask her what consistency my filling needed to be and she explained that it had to cook until it was “crumbly”.  If you do make this recipe, be aware that you need to watch the filling while it’s on the stove to ensure it doesn’t burn and stick – it’s a very thick paste before you even start.


The other difference was the addition of some homemade apricot jam, which lifted the sweetness a notch and made the rolls just that little bit richer.

I’m pretty happy with these now – as were all the friends whom I delivered rolls to yesterday afternoon!

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