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Homemade Corn Chips

Is this junk food?

The guacamole is a lightly salted mixture of avocado, lime juice and fresh tomato.

The cheese is King Island Surprise Bay Cheddar.

The meat sauce was made with twice-cooked beef brisket, onions, tinned beans, tomato passata and a couple of bishops’ crown chillies from our garden.

And the corn chips?  They were homemade!

We began by making a batch of corn tortillas the day before. These were sliced into wedges…

…and deep-fried in hot oil.  We didn’t salt them, but they were delicious nonetheless – it was hard to resist snacking on them as they cooled…

So…perhaps not the healthiest meal we’ve ever prepared, but there weren’t any preservatives or highly processed ingredients involved.  If food processing is a ladder with raw ingredients at the bottom and supermarket cakes at the top, I think we managed to hover around the first rung.

Definitely not junk food!

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