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These chocolates are made very simply, by mixing Nutella with milk chocolate.  I rarely weigh the ingredients for this, and usually only make it when I uncover half a jar of open hazelnut spread in the back of the pantry.  As Pete pointed out, the combination is better than either the milk chocolate or Nutella on its own!

I start by tempering a bowl of Belgian milk chocolate (Callebaut 823) and once it’s at the right temperature (86 – 88°F), I quickly stir in several heaped tablespoonfuls of Nutella.  There needs to be more chocolate than spread to ensure that the bar sets well enough to cut – I probably use about twice as much chocolate to Nutella by weight.

The mix is then poured and scraped into a parchment-lined cake tin, and allowed to set in the fridge.  Allow it a little time on the bench before you slice it. The slab might crack anyway but, in our house at least, there’s never a shortage of people to eat the broken bits.

The end result is a delicious sweet confectionary which tastes a little like Italian gianduja and a little like Ferraro Rochers.  The whole neighbourhood loves these!

Addendum: If you’re not au fait with tempering, you could try making these by simply melting the milk chocolate gently in the microwave or over a water bath, and then letting it cool to lukewarm (about 31C/88F) before stirring in the Nutella.  Pour it into the parchment lined tray as above and set it in the fridge.  I tried this today and it worked quite well, but the chocolate is more likely to melt and bloom at room temperature than the tempered version, so it’s best to keep the finished pieces in the fridge.

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