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I adore a low key, simple meal.

Patrick popped by for a quick feed on his way to the airport on Saturday. Lunch was pulled from the fridge and pantry – San Daniele prosciutto, Darling Mills olives, fresh ricotta, onion marmalade, mesclun salad, sheep milk pecorino and, because I had just a little time, a small pat of freshly churned butter.  These were served with a loaf of homemade sourdough which I’d defrosted earlier that  morning.

San Daniele prosciutto is, in my opinion, one of the finest things ever to be made from pork. It’s soft, sweet and almost buttery in texture.  Imported from Italy, it costs a fortune, but Johnny at the Cheese Shop always looks after us, because he knows Big Boy is completely addicted to this and won’t  have anything else in his school lunches.  Yes, I know, I’m making a rod for my own back – ask me how many times I’ve been told that – although I prefer to think of it as training a discerning palate.

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To finish off the meal, Pete whipped up a batch of sourdough pancakes, served with his raspberry jam and thick cream.  Patrick was in and out the door in 35 minutes and yet, lunch felt mellow and unrushed.  I even had time to stash four jars of jam in his luggage – let’s hope US customs let them through.  And that he didn’t end up with a bag of sticky clothes…

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