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Once upon a time, spices were worth more than gold.

Great wars were fought over them, trade routes were forged to supply them, and for many years they were exclusive to only the wealthy upper classes in Europe.

How times have changed!  Every two years, I replenish all my spices with a visit to the Aum Spice Centre in nearby Croydon (many foodies insist this should be done every six months, but I can’t bear the wastage).  The photo above shows most, but not all, of the spices and ingredients I was able to buy for $60.

I bought raw peanuts and urud dal for lemon rice, and white sesame seed for dukka and bagels

I always use a lot of coriander, both seed and powder, and needed more star anise, turmeric and cinnamon for my new curry powder mix.  I also bought a packet of caraway seed to make harissa

My all-time favourite chillies are these dried Kashmiri ones. I keep trying more exotic varieties, but I always come back to these simple chillies, with their gorgeous redness, moderate heat and sweet flavour. And at $3.50 for 200g, they’re an absolute bargain…photo below is about 20g or 35c worth…

I buy Kashmiri chillies in dried pods, flakes and powder…

On a whim, we picked up some pomegranate powder.  It wasn’t expensive, although I’m not sure what to do with it.  Any suggestions?

Asian junk food is quite irresistible – Malaysian tapioca chips and locally made bhuja mix – both hot and spicy.  The red bits in the bhuja mix are slivers of dried chilli!

I’m well and truly stocked up for the coming year.  And as both our sons have recently developed a palate for hot food, I’m anticipating lots of curries and spicy dishes in the near future.  Off to check out Mamta’s Kitchen now for inspiration!

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Aum Spice Centre
19 The Strand
Croydon NSW 2132
(02) 9744 1177

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