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This delicious, sweet, clean-tasting tomato water is a byproduct of Pete’s fresh tomato passata.

It’s the juice that drains from the blanched and puréed pulp (as opposed to the juice that you squeeze from the cut tomato).  Whilst it’s an incredibly versatile cooking ingredient, I’ve also been drinking it straight from the fridge. (Dredgey tried it recently, and suggested adding vodka and Tabasco).

The tomato water makes a great vegetable stock – Pete used it as a base for a delicious pasta sauce – rich in tomato flavour, but without the thick redness of a purée or passata.

And here’s a leek and pancetta risotto made with tomato water stock, topped with shaved Kefalograviera cheese…

Tomatoes are such a familiar fruit that we almost take them for granted – finding a new way to use them makes me very happy!

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