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Our friends Ian and Diana Ditchfield are small scale garlic growers based in the NSW Central Tablelands.  Their crops are grown chemical free, and lovingly tended by hand.

This year they’ve grown Australian White Garlic ($25/kg or $15/500g)…

…Australian Red Garlic ($25/kg or $15/500g), my new favourite…

The cloves have a gorgeous reddish tinge...

…and Purple Stripe Garlic ($30/kg or $18/500g).

If you’re based in Australia and would like to purchase from the Ditchfields, please drop them an email at anarelfarm(at)gmail.com.  Due to quarantine restrictions, they’re unable to ship to South Australia, Tasmania or Western Australia, and their minimum order is 500g, although they’re happy to sell in mixed lots (postage will be extra).

I’ve bought a kilo of each variety!  As I do every year, I’ve broken two-thirds of the bulbs up and frozen the cloves for use over the next 12 months.  With all the recent concerns about imported garlic, it’s nice to know that we’ll have a plentiful supply for the upcoming year!

Garlic cloves, separated but unpeeled, vacuum-sealed ready for freezing.

. . . . .

Addendum: Here’s a photo of last year’s frozen garlic, which I’ve pulled out to use up now that the new season crop has arrived.  It’s been in our stand-alone freezer for a full year, and is still perfect for cooking!

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