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Allow me to take you on a virtual tour of my home city – in chocolate!  I found this fabulous chocolate mould at a local supplier, and I’ve been playing around with it.

Luna Park..is just for fun!

The only amusement park in Sydney, Luna Park was built in the harbourside suburb of Milson’s Point in 1935, and has been operating on and off ever since.  It’s an astonishing piece of real estate, located right on the edge of the water.  I have fond memories of spending time there as a teenager…

Photo source: Wikipedia

. . . . .

The most famous building in Australia – the Sydney Opera House – rendered here in Callebaut 811 dark chocolate.  This magnificent landmark recently received World Heritage recognition as one of the architectural wonders of the world.   Seeing it is one of my great joys whenever I’m in town.

There’s more information than you ever wanted to know about the Opera House on their website.

Photo source: Wikipedia

. . . . .

The Sydney Harbour Bridge, affectionately known as “The Coathanger”, is the world’s widest, and fifth-longest, spanning arch bridge.  Opened in 1932, it provides a link between Sydney’s northern suburbs and the CBD.

We now have a tunnel under the harbour as well, but the bridge is still busy twenty-four hours a day…

Here are some photos Small Man took a few years ago during an excursion into town…quite artistic for a (then) nine year old, don’t you think?

. . . . .

Since 1810,  Hyde Park has provided Sydneysiders with a large expanse of green right in the heart of the city.  As well as the Archibald Fountain, Anzac War Memorial and some wonderful old Moreton Bay figs, the park also houses a giant chess set, which has been well used since it was built in 1972…

. . . . .

Sydney Harbour is in constant motion – full of boats and yachts, including the Sydney Ferries, HarbourCats and sailing boats. In the photo below you can see a glimpse of how it all fits together – the ferries, Luna Park and the Bridge.

Photo courtesy of TravelSmart Australia

And…don’t laugh…here’s my slightly tragic attempt at a chocolate diorama of Sydney Harbour. Oh, alright, go on then, laugh..my boys did..for about two seconds before they devoured these!

PS. That’s a chocolate hydrofoil in the middle of the photo – not a whale!

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