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box 011

Joanna sent me a link to this post at Wild Yeast, which in turn inspired me to make some origami gift boxes for Christmas.

I made mine following these instructions, using a two layer construction – a  sheet of red cardboard and a piece of parchment paper.  This creates a cheap and cheerful container, with a foodsafe lining (how cool is that?), perfect for filling with small baked goods.  At a cost of about 25c each, these are an absolute bargain!

Experiment with different sized card until you get a box that you’re happy with. I trimmed the parchment paper with deckle scissors (the remnant of a failed attempt at scrapbooking).  You could also use thick brown paper, or even pretty wrapping paper if your gift isn’t too heavy.

box 013

It took a bit of experimenting to create a fruitcake sized box!

box 014

I tried wrapping the filled boxes with cellophane – very pretty – although you could probably fold origami lids as well (same pattern, with a slightly larger piece of card).  Experiment with paper first before using more expensive cardboard!

box 015

box 017

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