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We regularly make pizza at home, and when we do, our toppings are almost always the same.  After several years of trial and error, we’ve found the combinations that suit the discerning palates of our sons and we rarely waiver from them.  That certainly doesn’t make them boring – quite the contrary – after a long week, it’s often nice to eat something familiar and comforting.

Our basic bread recipe makes enough dough for four large bases. We always start with a potato pizza, followed by a pizza each for the boys, and one for Pete and I.

Small Man’s pizza is topped with homemade tomato passata, mozarella cheese, dry cured pancetta, Swiss Brown mushrooms, Sicilian and Kalamata olives, Italian anchovies and fresh oregano.  Last time we also included some San Daniele prosciutto, at the suggestion of my friends at Real Food has Curves.  In pizza terms, we don’t really use a lot of cheese, just a thin layer under the toppings to hold them down.

Big Boy’s pizza has the same base ingredients, but is covered with finely sliced Spanish onion in place of the olives and anchovies, neither of which he can stand.  Small Man, on the other hand, can’t abide onions.  It was either make two different pizzas, or feed them both a meat-lover’s special.

Can you suggest any interesting toppings? Pete and I share one  between us, and it would be lovely to have some new ideas for our pizza, even if the boys won’t eat it!

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