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You might recall that a couple of months ago I bottled some limes

Sadly, the sweet lime pickle (right) was an absolute disaster, fizzing and fermenting like crazy after a couple of days.  The fruit never actually went mouldy, but it did develop an off bitter flavour after its specified curing time.  Tragically, not even the worms would eat it.

The traditional salt preserved limes though, were a complete success. After eight weeks in the jar, they’re soft, salty and absolutely delicious…

I took this close-up so you could see how the rind and pith have become a little translucent – an indication that the limes are ready to eat.

. . . . .

Our other long term project was an experimental batch of plum liqueur, which we assembled at the end of March.  It was made very simply from plums, sugar, vodka and brandy.

It’s now been three months, and the liqueur was strained and bottled today.  It’s quite sweet, very plummy in flavour, and perhaps a little too easy to drink – perfect for after dinner sipping!

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