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Maude knocked on our front door this morning with a plate of scrambled eggs, topped with grated black truffle (!!!).

Han the Delivery Man had arrived with a parcel for her – a Tasmanian black truffle on ice – a birthday present from her brother.  Since her birthday isn’t even in July, I can only assume that Jason was working on the principle that she has a birthday sometime this year, but truffles wait for no-one.

Big Boy came out to investigate as soon as Maude arrived – he could smell the earthy aroma from his room.  He and I demolished the dish standing up in the kitchen, with a fork each, working in from opposite ends of the plate.  Our first taste of fresh truffle, made possible because we have the best neighbours in the universe!

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We have the best neighbours in the universe.

Some of them, like Maude and Pete V, have been our friends for over 25 years and moved into the neighbourhood after we did (we were deeply flattered by the inferred compliment that living near us wasn’t going to drive them bonkers).  Others, like Dredgey and El, have become our friends since we moved in.  These people aren’t family, but they are our tribe.  Together, we share our time, our food and anything else we have to offer in the give and take of village life.

A day doesn’t pass without some interaction with our neighbours, be it Dredgey arriving unannounced with a home-smoked trout for us, or Big Boy ringing Pete V to ask a history question about Julius Caesar, or Maude popping over for our regular cups of tea.  I feel blessed that we have people so close by whom we can call on for help at any time and who, conversely, know that we’re here should the need ever arise.

At the end of the day, this old house we live in is just bricks and mortar.  What makes our urban village a joyous place is the community we have, and the relationships that have evolved with the people who share our street with us.  Happy days indeed – long may they continue!

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