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We were treated to a wonderful feast at Tracey and David’s yesterday, including Tracey’s delicious apple and berry crumble.


Their friend and neighbour Bruce baked a gramma pie – something new to me, but apparently a traditional Australian dish.  Gramma is a form of squash akin to pumpkin, but I have no idea what one looks like. I’ve tried the search engines, but typing “Gramma” into Google Images just produces photos of  little old ladies.  If anyone knows of a photo online, could you please let me know?

Bruce’s pie was delicious – puff pastry around a sweet filling of mashed gramma, raisins and a secret ingredient or two that he wasn’t divulging (hmmm…dried peel? ginger?).


Bruce and Kathleen also provided rocket (arugula) for the salad bowl from their prized no-dig garden, which was absolutely packed with produce, and surrounded by netting to keep out delinquent possums.  In just the small section you can see below, they had garlic, rhubarb, bok choy and beets bursting out of the ground.  Astonishing when you consider that it’s the final few weeks of winter here in Australia!

160809 065

Tracey and David’s sons have some amazing stick insects, hatched from seeds they’d been given by the CSIRO.  These fascinating creatures looked exactly like leaves – they’d be almost impossible to find in the bush. Here’s a young male, pretending to be leaf litter…

160809 053

and a discarded skin, shed as the insect grew too large for it.

160809 054

Tracey and David live on the Central Coast – a gorgeous part of the world at any time, but particularly so on an unseasonably warm and sunny winter’s day.  It was an easy two hour drive out of Sydney and we passed some stunning water views of Lake Macquarie on the way.  Definitely worth a trip if you haven’t been before!

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