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Olive Bialy

I was inspired to try Dan Lepard’s black olive bialy recipe by the gorgeous Sally at Bewitching Kitchen.

Mine turned out a little chubby, but so delicious.  A cousin of the bagel, but much easier to make, the bialies were chewy and flavoursome, and attained a surprising amount of rise from just half a teaspoon of dried yeast and minimal kneading.

Dan’s recipe specifies Kalamata olives – make sure you use the full amount of pitted olives in oil, as they contribute to the liquid content of the dough.  I had Sicilian green olives as well, so I used a mix of both.  It’s a very easy recipe, and a  great combination of flavours, with the olives and dough well matched to the onion and poppy seed topping.

The instructions are here, and I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did.  It’s always a good day when you can take a batch of bread out of the oven before 8am!

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