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Inspired by one of Anna’s recent posts, I bought myself a paella pan during our visit to Chefs’ Warehouse last week.

It’s quite large – 42cm in diameter – and made of black steel, which meant we had to season and blacken it before cooking.

We gave it a test run today for Mother’s Day lunch, and made a paella with duck pieces, chorizo, broadbeans, San Marzano tomatoes and parsley. I adopted Anna’s approach of starting it on the cooktop and finishing it in the oven.  The pan just fits in the oven – the door closes with millimetres to spare!

It was a delicious lunch, and best of all, Pete’s found a spot for me to hang the pan in the pantry.

Have you been celebrating Mother’s Day?  It’s a low key affair at our house, although both my sons made a big effort to be home today, which was very nice.  They’ve been stacking the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming – and letting me play in the kitchen. Much better gifts than anything they could have bought!

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