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With the incredible wealth of recipes available on foodblogs these days, it’s a wonder anybody still buys cookbooks!

I made Aleida’s Panetela de Guayaba (Guava torte) on Sunday and was delighted by both its simplicity and  its short, tender crumb.  I baked it in a lined biscotti tin rather than the pyrex dish recommended, and gave it 35 minutes in my fan-forced oven at 165C.  The guava paste was a chance find at Paesanella and gives the dish a distinctive sweet centre, although you could probably substitute quince paste if necessary.  Aleida’s recipe is here.

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For dinner that same night, Pete made Dorie Greenspan’s Tortilha com Chourico; an easy, cream and cheese-free frittata filled with sausage and potatoes.   We only had one chorizo, so Pete added four regular sausages as well, which had been boiled gently and sliced. A simple, yet delicious, evening meal and only one pan to wash up at the end of the night!

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