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Dan(ielle) mentioned to me yesterday that their current favourite pizza is the “Aussie”.  It’s regular fare for her, Patrick and Chris, our friends who moved from Sydney to San Francisco last year to find fame and fortune in Silicon Valley.  They make pizzas from scratch every Friday night and have become so proficient at it that they can complete the entire process in an hour and a half.  Their Aussie pizza involves cracking an egg into the middle of the prepared base, breaking the yolk just slightly, then baking in a blazing hot oven.

I was inspired to try an egg over  last night’s pizza of fennel, onion, pancetta, oven-roasted passata and mozzarella.  Fennel on pizza is our latest discovery and it cooks to a mellow sweetness – the combination with the egg was delicious.  And I don’t know why, but there really is something very Australian about a pizza with an egg on it!

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