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As a rule, I try to buy local seafood whenever possible.

The only real exceptions I make are for some tinned fish (it’s impossible to buy local anchovies), and these Portuguese sardines.  They’re ludicrously cheap – this one kilo bag contained nine large sardines and cost just $6.90 at Faros Brothers in Marrickville.

The fish were in pretty good shape despite the freezing and transporting – apart from the tails and fins, which were brittle and mostly shattered.    They still had quite a lot of scales on them, which gave them a beautiful iridescent glow – I tried to photograph it to show you, but my camera couldn’t quite capture the gleam…

I filleted the sardines and dipped them in a traditional flour-egg-breadcrumbs mixture before shallow frying.  They were a big hit with Big Boy and Small Man, both of whom love oily fish.

Best of all, there was enough protein to feed the four of us for under seven dollars!

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