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Yesterday, I had coffee with the gorgeous Spice Girl of Spice and More.

She and I haunt each others’ blogs and after a few email exchanges, we decided it was imperative that we meet, before we bankrupted each other with our shopping suggestions.  We had a great time, marveling at how similar our lives are – we went to the same university, shop at the same places, and we’re even the same age (although she looks ten years younger).  By the end of a couple of hours, I felt like I’d known her for years.

True foodie that she is, Spice Girl brought me a container of her prawn balchao to try.  This delicious paste of ground dried prawns, chillies and spices has an aroma similar to Malaysian belachan, but with a completely different taste.  I’m always very excited by new flavours, so I had to try this one immediately (and started eating it in the coffee shop – probably not the best idea after chocolate truffles).

Because I was having so much fun chatting, I didn’t give too much thought to dinner, so the tribe ended up with another Römertopf meal.   This time I really did throw it together.  I mixed together a cup and a half of Basmati rice, whatever vegetables I could find in the fridge, two trays of chevapi and popped it all into the presoaked clay pot. I then added two cups of water and a cup of tomato passata, covered it with the lid, and put the Römertopf into the oven to bake for an hour and a half.

The finished dish could have used a little salt (the chevapis don’t flavour the rice as much as sausages do), but it couldn’t be beaten for ease of cooking.

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Here’s a montage of the meal under construction.  Incidentally, it was Spice Girl who taught me how to put my photos into this format. I’ll try and post a more detailed recipe at a later date – Pete does a wonderful sausage version of this dish.

Hmmm. I wonder if we could make biryani in the Römertopf?  Might have to ask the Spice Girl..


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