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As part of our egg de-glutting, Joanna suggested this choc-orange marble cake by Suelle at Mainly Baking.  Unlike butter cake versions, this one is moist and tender, thanks to the addition of almond meal.  And it used up six large eggs!

Pete felt I’d “overswirled” – he maintains that marble cakes should have clumps of flavour rather than ribbons, but I was more than happy to trade that for the gorgeous loops of colour in the cut slices!

Suelle’s recipe is here, and I sized it up by 50% to suit my 10-cup bundt pan.  It resulted in a very large cake, which was cheerfully shared around the neighbourhood.

Still on the topic of eggs – this morning I took Sue’s advice and made some egg pasta, seen here drying on our laundry hanger…

It made a delicious lunch topped with mushroom and garlic sauce!

Last night I turned our leftover kugelhopf into bread and butter pudding for Pete’s cousin Jono…the sweet kugel suited the dish perfectly…

And finally, here’s Pete’s delicious custard-based ice cream, flavoured with Dutch cocoa and dark Belgium chocolate.

Egg glut?  What egg glut?

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