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Following on from yesterday’s post – here’s our first attempt at roast lamb in the Römertopf clay baker!

We rubbed our two and a half kilo leg of lamb with a little extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary and salt, then studded it with small pieces of garlic.  In order to fit it into the presoaked clay pot, we had to cut the leg into two pieces (there is a convenient joint where the shank connects to the upper part of the leg).  Once divided, the lamb fit neatly into the Römertopf over a bed of potatoes.

The covered baker went into a cold oven, which was then set at 200C with fan.  It was baked for two hours with the lid on, and then uncovered for a further half an hour to allow the meat to brown.  As the pot is presoaked  prior to use, the lamb is both steamed and roasted as it bakes.  The pot allows a little flexibility with cooking times and, as an added bonus, the oven stays nice and clean.

The end result was a tender, moist, well done leg of lamb (Pete’s too old school for pink lamb) which provided both dinner that night, and shepherd’s pie the following day!

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