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Last August, we had a little flurry of scone making in the blogosphere.

From memory, Heidi, Joanna, Cindy and several other bloggers all made their own versions, and we contributed our lemonade scone recipe to the mix.  At the time we joked about designating the second week in August as “Scone Week”, and sure enough, up popped the reminder in my Outlook calender a few days ago.

So I made a batch of scones – savoury ones this time – by adding grated cheddar cheese, a little salt and some chopped spring onions to our lemonade scone recipe.  I also substituted soda water for the lemonade, and I probably could have added a little paprika to the dough. Either way, they were very easy to make…

…cooked to a golden brown in 25 minutes in our 200C fan-forced oven…

…and made a perfect hot lunch slathered with a little butter!

Anyone else feel like making scones this week?
I’d love to see what you come up with this year!

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