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Every weekend, I bake two large trays of sourdough bread rolls specifically for school lunches.

I make these using a simple folding and cutting technique, which I find much easier than more traditional methods for shaping individual rolls.  The end result is a flat, oval roll which will hold a substantial amount of filling and withstand the rigours of a tossed backpack.

After baking, each roll weighs between 95 – 105g, the equivalent of three slices of bread.  Filled with ricotta and smoked salmon, or in Small Man’s case, Vegemite, they’re the perfect size for school lunches.

. . . . .

After the dough has had its first rise, knock it back and stretch it  out on a lightly oiled surface into a rectangle.  The piece below weighed 1200g.

Fold one side of the dough in as shown…

…then fold the other side in over the top.

Using a serrated knife or a dough cutter, slice the dough into pieces.  I cut 10 rolls from my 1200g of dough, judging the size of each piece by eye rather than bothering to weigh them.

Lay the rolls out on a lined baking tray. Place a sheet of parchment paper over the top of the rolls, and then cover with a tea towel.  Allow to prove.

Before baking, I give each roll a single slash with my lame.  I’m not convinced it makes any difference, given that my dough hydration is quite high, but it does make me feel like a proper baker when I get to wave my razor blade around.

These rolls freeze beautifully, which means I can bake a large batch once a week.  And the boys love them – Small Man has already eaten two rolls off the cooling rack!   Better get them in the freezer now, or I’ll have to bake another lot tomorrow…

Edit: a crumb shot for Sally!

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